Bandai Namco Job Listings Reveal a Nintendo Remaster

Bandai Namco Job Listings Reveal a Nintendo Remaster

It appears that Bandai Namco has been working on a Nintendo remaster. The company’s job listings recently mentioned cleaning up old backgrounds in preparation for what is believed to be a 3D-action game. Some Nintendo Life fans spotted the listings and began speculating about what this new Nintendo Remaster might be.

Bandai Namco’s involvement in this Nintendo remaster is logical, as the company helped develop Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Given the Nintendo’s vast collection of classic titles, it isn’t easy to guess what it might remaster.

What could it be?

This possible Nintendo remaster could be any 3D Nintendo release that is action-focused due to a lack of clues. It’s not difficult to narrow it down.

We hope we will soon have more information about this mysterious project, especially with shows like the Summer Game Fest.

Super Smash Bros. The Ultimate and New Pokemon Snap are now available only on Nintendo Switch.

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