Devrim Kay finally returns in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance

Devrim Kay finally returns in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance

Bungie lifted briefly the neon-colored veil surrounding the Lightfall expansion, Destiny2 less than a week away. A preview of the expansion was available to me and other journalists last week. Although we spent most of our time with Bungie discussing the Lightfall expansion, we were able to see a glimpse of Season 20. Destiny2 players will see Devrim Kay, a character that hasn’t been around since 2017’s launch.

Season of Defiance will be set in the EDZ. It revolves around Calus’ Shadow Legion invading Earth with the aim of destroying The Last City. The Darkness will be defeated by the players as they free prisoners and work with Mithrax, Devrim Kay, and Petra. Although we have worked with many of these characters before Devrim is not relevant for very long.

Devrim, a human scout who lives in Trostland’s church, is one of the key characters to assist the Guardians during Destiny 2’s Red War storyline. Most players will recognize him as the one British man who contributes at the end and beginning of Public Events. Despite several story arcs involving EDZ, this one is the first where Devrim plays a more central role. If you follow Fanbyte you will know that we correctly called it and are way ahead of the curve.

Multiple changes will be made to the seasonal system and how players can earn rewards. Umbral Energy and Umbrals are being eliminated, making it easier to focus gear. Users can now earn keys that unlock secondary chests at the conclusion of seasonal activities. These keys are non-returnable and will not always be available. Seasonal activities will offer more rewards to compensate for the lower drop rate. This makes the grind much more bearable. The upgrade trees will offer fewer upgrades but have greater potency.

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