GTA 5’s DLC story brings back the character we thought we had killed

GTA 5’s DLC story brings back the character we thought we had killed

GTA5’s new story DLC is back with a character that we thought had been killed in the main game.

The story DLC is the Last Dose of GTA. You can also play it solo if you wish. It will also be the “eye-popping finale” to Los Santos Drug Wars, bringing “hallucinations”, kidnapping, and revenge.

We will now be entering spoiler territory to finish the story of HTML5. Consider this your final spoiler alert.

During the main story of GT 5 Michael visits his “therapist” Dr. Isaiah Friedlander. Michael is an extremely complex character who has done many terrible things in the past. Ishah Friedlander is privy to many of Michael’s darkest and most secretive secrets.

As it turns out Friedlander is a fraud. He charges Michael a lot for his sessions and doesn’t even hold a medical degree. Friedlander threatens to speak about Michael on TV and is offered a television show later in the story.

Micheal doesn’t want this to happen. He kidnaps Friedlander during a mission. The player has the option to either kill Dr. or allow him to live. According to the Last Dose DLC, Friedlander can be killed or left alone. He’s also back with a lot of swaggers.

Friedlander is not a budding celebratory celebrity, but he now seeks power and fortune. FriedMind Pharmaceutical Corporation, which specializes in psychedelic-assisted therapy, is owned by the “Dr”.

Friedlander plans to take Dax and Fooliganz’s Big Pharma business out the door with his newfound power and fortune. Friedlander claims that he has drugs 10 times more powerful than magic mushrooms, and believes that his customers will take it.

The last dose of DLC adds six new Hotring Circuit races and the all-new Karin Hotring Everon.

GTA Online: Los Santos Drug Wars-The Last Dose is available as a free update for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on March 16.

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