In Destiny 2, Guardian Ranks can be a pointless distraction

In Destiny 2, Guardian Ranks can be a pointless distraction

Bungie’s new Destiny2 with Lightfall features Guardian Ranks. This system was designed to demonstrate player mastery of content and mechanics. As players completed missions and earned gear, their Guardian Ranks would increase and they would be considered more proficient within Destiny 2.. However, the reality is not as simple as that.

Nearly every one began Lightfallat Guardian rank 6. Bungie has established veteran players at Lightfall, which means that lower ranks are more common than 6. We’ve seen rank 7 players in Lightfall, but 6 is still the most popular.

The second problem with Guardian Ranks and the Commendation system is their connection to them. There are many issues with this mechanic. However, requiring you to receive high numbers of commendations from others players in order to move up the ranks does not demonstrate your achievements. It shows that other players stayed on the sidelines after an activity, and chose you to commend them.

The problem with Guardian Ranks in destiny 2 is that they reset each season. If the default is returned to every few months, what’s the point in a mastery rank? It’s not worth it to work for a number that vanishes after a season. The Guardian Ranks were created to replace the season rank. This was a simple measure of how many people had played in a given year. They measure the exact same thing, but they are reset at the start of each season.

How can Bungie fix Guardian Ranks It would be a good idea to drop the Commendation requirement. They could have been tied to seasonal play if they were meant to be. Guardian Ranks are a disappointment. They’re a system that players don’t have any reason to engage with.

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