It’s easier to unlock Strand than Stasis for Destiny 2 Lightfall

It’s easier to unlock Strand than Stasis for Destiny 2 Lightfall

Bungie lifted briefly the neon-colored veil surrounding the Lightfall expansion, Destiny2 less than a week away. A preview of the expansion was available to me and other journalists last week. The event included a walkthrough and Q&A of one campaign mission as well as a brief overview of the systems that will be available on February 28th. We were also able to see Strand the new subclass in action and learn a bit about how players will unlock it in Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion.

Bungie stated that Strand will not be available upon logging in to the game immediately or visiting Ikora at The Tower. As they progress through the Lightfall campaign, players will gradually be able to access Strand and learn how it works.

In one level, the player was able to interact with Strand columns and gain the ability of the subclass. The Guardian would eventually succumb to exhaustion after killing all the enemies that spawned and then lose the temporary Strand subclass.

This is a similar approach to how Stasis was introduced. Bungie explained, however, that unlocking both the Aspects as well as Fragments will be much easier. Bungie stated that players should be “fully functional” by March 10th when the new raids will release. The greater shift to build crafting will allow players more flexibility in the Fragments and Aspects that they unlock first.

We know that certain enemies will be equipped with Strand elemental shields such as the Shadow Legion’s Centurions. Neomuna will be an exceptional place to use Strand, with multiple grapple points players can use. Neomuna’s grapple point will allow users to instantly refresh their Strand grappling hook. When Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion launches, players will be able unlock and play the Strand subclass.

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