Many Halo TV fans feel the series was a wasted opportunity

Many Halo TV fans feel the series was a wasted opportunity

Videogame adaptations are a hot topic right now. The first season of HBO’s The Last of Us was just completed and has set a new standard in this respect.

The Last of Us was praised by all who saw it, and they unanimously voted it the best video game adaptation. Even the director of Amazon’s God of War series has admitted that The Last of Us’ success has put pressure on other series currently in development, such as the Horizon Zero Dawn TV series on Netflix, Fallout series on Amazon, Gran Turismo, Ghost of Tsushima movies, Gran Turismo series and Fallout series on Amazon – just to mention a few.

Paramount’s Halo, which many fans called ‘the greatest wasted opportunity’, was however one series that did not perform.

Although Halo provided some great moments, such as Master Cheeks, it wasn’t a popular game with the general public. Reddit user Isunova said, “Probably the largest wasted opportunity of any gaming franchise.” “Oh what could have been,” received 28,000 votes and unanimous support from fellow Redit users.

Sirseatbelt wrote that “Halo fans need to watch the opening fight scene, then turn it off – that’s what’s the best part!” Mistercloob said, “This had exactly 3 minutes of good s**t.” User Takotiger22 expressed disappointment that writers wanted to create their own show rather than using source material. What a waste of opportunity for Halo fans to finally have a live-action Halo show!

Despite disappointing fan reaction, Halo will be returning for another season. However, the writers acknowledged that they will continue to take customer feedback into consideration in order to improve the experience.

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