Paradox Tectonic’s game Life by You, inspired by The Sims

Paradox Tectonic’s game Life by You, inspired by The Sims

Rod Humble, former series director for The Sims, and later Second Life developer is the project’s leader. The title seems to be a real competitor for The Sims, much like Paradox’s Cities Skylines was for Sim City.

Life by You: The Sims

Life by You allows for a lot more customization than EA’s single-player life sim. This includes city design and item details. The open world is explorable and allows players to swap between characters, rather than being locked into one house.

Rod Humble promises an open world without loading screens, and you can drive or ride in any type of vehicle. You can also skip a decade in a matter of seconds to see the progress made over a long period.

Many items can be moved easily between different locations. If you don’t like the idea of driving to work every day, consider moving your office next door.

All of this would be a great strategy to distract long-time Sims fans.

Life by You provides a dialogue system that engages characters and focuses on social interaction. The Conversation System allows you to have unique conversations that are context-sensitive based on your characters’ circumstances. You can also eavesdrop on other people around the globe whenever you like.

You can also create your own conversations in the game to create unique narratives. Paradox Tectonic’s Early Access is a smart move considering all the ambitious plans. Every game launch will include Paradox Tectonic’s own creation tools, allowing players total freedom such as turning a cat tree or bush into a sofa. Players will be able to create their own games from the beginning, as demonstrated by their developer video.

Pre-order Early Access on Epic Games Store or Steam to get your copy before the September 12 release. Epic customers will receive exclusive pre-order items.

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