Sam Neill shares updates on cancer to reassure his fans

Sam Neill shares update on cancer to reassure his fans

Sam Neill is best known for his role in Jurassic Park/Jurassic World as Dr. Alan Grant. He has since been open about his struggles with his health after it was revealed that he had been suffering from blood cancer.

In his memoir Did I Ever Tell You This? Neill confirms this statement. In an interview with The Guardian, Neill stated that he was not afraid to die but it would annoy him. We’ve made all these lovely terraces with olive trees, cypresses, and other plants. I want it to all mature. My precious grandchildren are my greatest blessings. I want them all to grow up, but I don’t care if they die. I don’t care what anyone thinks.

Many fans are concerned about actor Ed Neill’s well-being. According to the Los Angeles Times report, Neill took to Instagram to confirm his recovery and to urge fans to not worry too much.

“My news seems all over the news lately, cancer!” Cancer!’ This can be tiresome, but as you can see, after eight months of remission, I am still alive and well,” he stated. “Now I’m back at the office. Let’s not fret about “all that”; I’m fine.

Many fans expressed admiration for the actor by writing: “Thanks so much for being open and strong!” One Instagram user replied. Another user wrote, “Big Love to You from Someone Who Doesn’t Want to Be Defined by “That Thing”,” and another said, “Stay Well Absolute Icon.”

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