Skyrim Mod brings a Red Dead-style cowboy to Tamriel

Skyrim Mod brings a Red Dead-style cowboy to Tamriel.

A new mod by Daermonster is available if you feel your Skyrim gameplay needs more RDR2-style wild West flavor.

The mod is named ” DMT’s The Outlaw Josey Wales” and adds a new player to the game. It was inspired by Clint Eastwood, the legendary western star who gave the mod its name.

The cowboy is armed with a Dawnguard-style two-handed rifle from Enroys’ Lore Friendly Rifles Skyrim mod. He also has his armored horse and dog for those who don’t have enough followers.

Skyrim Mod Adds RDR2 Style Cowboy

Daermonster also did a great job weaving the desperado in the in-game world, with the mod description being obvious:

The legion killed his son and wife to get him out of hiding. His family’s High Plains Hamlet (West Rorikstead) was destroyed by his dog Daisy and Pale Rider, his horse Pale Rider. He needs your help to quench his anger against the Empire and its elven oppressors.

Get ready to don your stetson and enter into battles against the forces of order in Skyrim’s civil war, not the law enforcement officers. They oppose other gaming outlaws such as John Marston and Arthur Morgan.

Plans for the mod include the possibility of the outlaw becoming fully voice-acted, adding in a small quest related to the films that inspired it, or seeing other western heroes such as John Wayne become Skyrim fans. Keep checking back for more updates.

The mod should not conflict with your current load order. Daermonster used Modmapper utility to show the most modified areas on Skyrim’s map.

Give it a shot. If you need more information on The Elder Scrolls 6, this is what we know. Keep following us for the latest Skyrim news.

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