Skyrim mod makes portable alchemy possible

Skyrim mod makes portable alchemy possible

Modders have spent a lot of time making sure Skyrim is constantly evolving and expanding over the years.

Many have focused their efforts on improving the game, adding new quests and cozy player homes to it. Some even went as far as filling Starfield’s Forgotten Vale with Elven zombies.

If you are a player who enjoys experimenting with different things Alchemy A new mod is a great way to make interesting elixirs or valuable philters.

Are you tired of searching Skyrim for an Alchemy Lab every time you run out of potion?
Modder Edryu created the mod’Pestle and Mortar – Portable Alchemy’. Some of their past projects gave the Dragonborn the opportunity to temper and summon their horses using a simple whistle.

They’ve decided to offer alchemists a way to try out different ingredient combinations during a trip to the wilds of the province to replenish their mountain flowers, sabrecat tooth, and Nordic barnacles.

To do this, you will need to purchase a new item: the mortar and pestle. These can be bought at alchemy shops or found on the bodies of slain havens and witches.

This animated equipment, once it is in your inventory will allow you to create three different poisons or potions in the field. It can also be removed from your inventory before it expires. This ensures that the game’s alchemy labs won’t go out of style.

A potency penalty is a way to prevent you from hoarding large quantities of ceramic bowls or mashing sticks. Potions made using these potions are 25% weaker than those made in a proper alchemy laboratory.

You can, however, toggle these restrictions off by using console commands.

No matter where you are, whether you’re sitting by a stream or making a healing potion with freshly picked plants, we will keep you updated on The Elder Scrolls and the fascinating world of Skyrim mod. Check out our mods for February 2023.

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