Sledgehammer Games Releases Spawn Changes

Sledgehammer Games Releases Spawn Changes

The spawns in vanguard multiplayer have been a source of controversy since their launch in November 2021. Sledgehammer Games quickly discovered that the squad spawn mechanic was being used, much to the annoyance of players.

Squad spawns are not designed to drop players in isolated areas on a map. Instead, they place them in the middle of the action so that they can react quickly to any threats.

Sledgehammer Games has made extensive changes to Vanguard’s spawns, just weeks before the launch of Season 3 .

Vanguard Spawns Changes

The initial playlist was very basic and did not include any adjustments for spawns. However, thanks to lots of player feedback, these changes are now available across all multiplayer maps and game modes and Ranked Play.

Players seem to be happy with the latest Vanguard modification by Sledgehammer Games. Even though the cycle is nearing the halfway point, bugs and glitches continue to affect players despite all efforts by the developer. Maybe the spawn changes were too minor, too late.

You don’t need to update to allow the new spawns effect. To see the different spawn mechanisms on the new maps, load Vanguard into multiplayer.


While testing the spawns, check out our dedicated hub for all the latest information on Season 3. It contains everything you need about the following season.

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